Nick Warren (UK) Melbourne Show – Event review

Nick Warren!! A legend of the progressive house industry needs no introduction. Hailing from the UK, this wizard is well renowned for his memorable sets and melodic tunes designed to put you in a frenzy, (just ask anyone who made it to his memorable set at Groundfloor, on the 3rd of November).

Unlike his usual sets the virtuoso started this one with a bang introducing himself to Melbourne in style. As the melodic beats kicked the crowd was visibly electrified. A tangible excitement hung through the air as Nick continued to spin his magic.


Serious props to the team at Red Moon and Morning after, who went to a great effort in making the night look as magical as it sounded. An enchanted forest weaved its way across the dance-floor, transporting the ravers from the city outside to a jungle boogie within. As Nick’s music spilled through the room with melodic catharsis, ravers emerged with intricate face paint. Courtesy of Naomi, these alluring designs transformed the beats into material form.

Loopyomama also kept the visuals flowing as he worked tirelessly alongside the DJ to blend the acoustics with observable material. Merging live music with visual sensation to deliver a whimsical and immersive experience. The night was an indulgence of all the senses. Everything beating on a single, hypnotic pulse.

A Musical Onslaught 

Music was served over two levels, with three rooms equipped for service. Enchanted Garden, where Nick cast his musical spell, Twisted forest where bumping techno beats echoed deep into the night, and The lounge, where ravers could catch a breath from the musical onslaught.

Twisted forest had a charm of its own as artists of the Red Moon Tribe sent bangers downstairs. The room would occasionally explode into raucousness and chants like “Ain’t no party like a Red moon party” (which is hard to argue with since these legends definitely knew how to party). Mushroom props, which were originally a part of the décor, now served as doof sticks and head hats (some even tried consuming it). It was an awesome vibe to be a part of; genuine love, happiness and boogieing.

After Captain Nick steered the ship for 3 hours, the night wasn’t readily over. The Journey took command in deeper, darker waters. Their selection of music was as enchanting and mysterious. The dance floor was reclaimed and on popular request, they extended their act well beyond closing time. They showcased an absolute beauty (unreleased) record “amore” from The Journeys new project TJIG which is a collaboration with Ivan Gough.

Red Moon Tribe

Before the night was over, we had the chance to catch up with a few legends from the Red Moon Tribe who put the show together. Here’s what they had to say:

How good is the feeling after hosting you’re first big name International artist?

Tremendous. We are so grateful for the opportunity to host such a legend of the scene, and we’re overwhelmed by the love, energy and support of the team and the amazing guests who came to enjoy this special night.

How was it working alongside seasoned veterans from Morning After?

It was an absolute pleasure working with Andrew. We have great respect for his passion, experience and work ethic. We’ve learned much from him throughout the process, but above all we have a gained a friend and a brother. We look forward to big things with him and Morning After in the near future…

Describe Red moon and what it stands for?

We are a family, a community of creative and diverse individuals who love good music. To bring people together, we’re hosting and highlighting the best events in Melbourne. We party in warehouses,on rooftops, and in the bush. We look after each other and respect the earth.We give artists a space to share their love. We have no borders. We come from all over. We bring out the best in each other. Being a part of the Red Moon Tribe means you’ll never dance alone

What’s next for Red Moon? How do you’ll plan to make it bigger than the last one?

We have our monthly event at My Aeon called Renegade which is pretty big and are working towards big things. We have two very exciting announcements to make in the near future! keep an eye on our pages.

It’d due to venues like Groundfloor and party crews like Morning After Agency and Red Moon Melbourne was able to witness a great electronic music party.

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