Kore-G reveals how to make PsyTrance basslines

Aussie Vibez is in conversation with one of Australia’s most talented producers, Kore-G, to get to the bottom of the question that’s hanging on your lips…


But first, lets talk music….

When was it that you first decided you wanted to make music and how have you grown as an artist ever since?

My first big moment with electronic music was when I heard Skrillex’s remix of Cinema back in high school. I remember being absolutely blown away by the sounds that were made in it and the intensity. It was one of those moments that I thought ‘this is exactly what I am’.
There wasn’t really a deciding moment with making the music. However, I started DJing on an ipod touch app and then eventually moved into producing on FL Studio.

PC: Ryley Clarke
That’s amazing!! From Djing on an ipod to now having your own tutorials on how to make music. Well we have all heard your music and love it, but who is Kore-G when not behind the decks?? What do you do when not making music?

If I’m not behind the decks I’m probably in front of them dancing instead… Otherwise I like to hang out with mates (who usually are producers anyway). If I don’t feel like doing any of that I’d watch something on Netflix or binge watch self-help videos in order to motivate myself to produce again. I also enjoy thinking about the meaning of life and having existential crisis’s in my spare time.

PC: Gregory Kampjes

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We’re sure you were put on this earth to make great music, speaking of which, what’s been a highlight or defining moment of your career so far??

A big highlight has been playing at Ageha in Japan. I’ve always wanted to share my love of music with that other side of me and it’s crazy how far music has taken me. Being given the opportunity to play out interstate in Australia has also been a dream come true. Red Square in Adelaide is a massive venue which I love.

Thanks for answering those questions Kore-G, we wish you the best and hope you continue to share your blissful beats. So without wasting any further time let’s dive into the bassline tutorial.

Kore-G was also kind enough to share the preset he used to create this audio file and the bassline itself which can be downloaded from the dropbox link below.
Dropbox – http://bit.ly/2sIGyN9
Massive by native instruments – http://bit.ly/2R6W5A5
Track ID – Odyssey – http://bit.ly/2G1x73l
That’s amazing Kore-G, I’m sure the video will help our viewers and upcoming producers make some danky basslines. We are curious to know what’s next for Korg-G as an artist and what can we expect ahead?

In a couple of years I hope to have made an established name and have become an even better producer than before with a larger following. I also hope that I will be playing at a lot more clubs around Melbourne as I love to DJ. To be honest the way I work is that I’m still learning who I am. I don’t know whether I’m going to be making PsyTrance next year but I enjoy making it now. Either way my main goal would be to make a living producing art and/or DJing as that is where my true passion lies. From there I will like to keep growing until I dominate the world, galaxy, universe and all dimensions of reality.

Well it was a fun afternoon with Kore-G as he is not only an amazing artist but also a great human in person. Don’t forget to follow this legend on Facebook, Sound Cloud and Instagram.

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