Entrepreneurs of the week: Jason and Belinda off Felix ceramics

Felix Ceramics is a small boutique pottery studio, based in the heritage town of Talbot in Central Victoria.

Creative partners Jason Luca and Belinda Michael established the studio in 2017 and their relationship is based on collaboration, sharing a space to create functional, decorative pottery with an emphasis on using local materials to create high quality and enduring works of beauty.

Inspired by potters, nature and, Japanese designs Jason and Belinda have created a brand, unique to their own style.

The making process

Every product is handmade with love, either on the potter’s wheel, slip cast in hand made moulds, sculpted or slab rolled. Multiple unique decorating techniques are used to add to the beauty of these products. Sgraffito, a famous Italian decorating technique is their favourite as it displays a contrasting effect between layers to create unique patterns, texture and designs. Locally sourced clay from dams or even wild clay adds to the beauty of these handmade ceramics.

Pictured above: Belinda using the Sgraffito technique to decorate a vase.
5 advantages of ceramics over plastic
  • Ceramics are BPA free!! Yes guy’s ceramics do not leak harmful chemicals into your food which is a major concern with plastic.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, these beautifully crafted handicrafts are an easy win over plastic.
  • Easier to clean
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Durable and long lasting

We really appreciate the hard work and efforts that go in making these beautiful handicrafts and wish these legends the best for their future. Do check out their website to explore a wide range of ceramics.

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