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Simone Mac aka Violet Eve is an Adelaide based dancer-turned-DJ, known for her unique stage presence and contagious smile. At the beginning of 2017 she found herself at the heart of Adelaide’s underground music scene with a passion for pumping dance floors, blending minimal techno and stompy progressive basslines. Very quickly, she became known for her thumping, high energy full-on psytrance sets that groove and delight, winning Earthcore’s 2018 Smash the Mainfloor DJ competition, earning herself a place on the lineup for Esoteric Festival 2019 and being selected as Fresh 92.7’s The Come Up Resident for February 2019.

Growing up as a competitive dancer she dedicated 20 years of her life to expressing herself through music and teaching children how to do the same. She even tried settling down and working a 9-5 job but, believes it was in her destiny to play music as the universe had other plans for her.

It’s not easy being a full time mother and a DJ but DJ Violet Eve makes it look so very easy. We recently had the opportunity to connect with this super star before her first big gig at Esoteric. Here’s all about it…

AV: What’s Violet Eve all about? That’s quite an interesting name you have, how did you come up with the name Violet Eve?

Violet evolved from my ancient online alias, Violet Baudelaire who is one of the main characters in the book series, film and now also Netflix episodes, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Violet, Klaus and Sunny are orphaned after their parents die in a suspicious accident and the children’s lives become nothing more than a series of unfortunate events which they have to overcome in order to survive and find happiness. This is essentially the story of my life. I am a Violet Baudelaire and she is a character I’ve always related to since reading the novels when I was much younger. While I didn’t want to use the full character’s name, many people already knew me as Violet so I had to brainstorm something to go with it. The minimal remix of Gwen Stefani and Eve’s “Let Me Blow Your Mind” was a favourite of mine at the time and so Violet Eve came to be.

AV: Well that was quite interesting, so how’s a regular day in the life of Violet Eve when not behind the decks?

I have a 5 year old son, Link, named after The Legend of Zelda and also an entire army of pets including a Samoyed puppy called Mila Kunis. So as you can probably imagine, there’s a lot of boring mum shit like cooking, cleaning and standing in the middle of the house yelling at everyone but then there’s the fun side of it like playing video games with Link (FYI he fucking loves Zelda) and taking the pupper out for zoomies. In all honesty though, my “free time” when I’m not in mum mode is still spent either working, either behind the deck, finding new music to play or doing social media stuff.

AV: Well, those are some interesting names. What about your inspirations Violet? Where do you get your motivations from?

I spent a lot of time supporting Fresh Til Death in the beginning. From the first time I stepped into that club, I knew that I would become a DJ. I would be at his Recovery sets watching him DJ and trying to learn. My boyfriend is also a DJ but he’s the prog part of our relationship. I take care of the full-on side of things. He’s been my biggest supporter since the day we met. He was there for my first gig, right by my side and he still pushes me to become better and more confident in myself every day. Among other artists Eliza Brayshaw and James Corbett also helped me become the artist I am today.

Just a few days out from her first major gig at Esoteric festival, Violet sheds light on her journey and how she managed to overcome the typical stereotypes of society that helped her become the artist she is today.


Eye and Illusion: Uv reactive and glow in the dark ravewear.
Left: Under normal lights | Right: Under UV Lights

AV: Well, that was quite inspiring and we’re pretty sure this is just the beginning. So whats next for Violet Eve?

Make tasty tunes, play some funky beats and give people a great time. I have a lot of small goals at the moment. I want to play a progressive psytrance set in an Adelaide club, I want to play a psy set at a club night in Melbourne and I want to produce my first psytrance track. Obviously I have bigger goals down the line but I’m content just focusing on the smaller ones alongside the huge opportunities I’ve already been given like playing at Esoteric Festival and spreading the psy gospel on the radio. I’m a humble person and I take each day as it comes but I would love to be able to travel the world just producing and playing psytrance. Baby steps until then.

Our journey to uplift arts and music has helped us find some truly passionate and inspired individuals and miss Violet Eve is right up there. We wish her the best and hope to see her smashing dance-floors all across the globe.

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