My Enchanted Market

A smile is definitely the best accessory anyone could wear but then life can be boring without a trendy neckpiece. Finding that perfect piece of accessory for an upcoming doof can be difficult and while searching for one we stumbled across “My Enchanted Market”. A brand inspired by doofs, tropical rainforest, fairies, mystic animals and ancient art; Ayaka brings a unique range of designs crafted to perfection for any occasion.

Love for nature and travel have always been an intrinsic part of Ayaka’s life both professionally and personally as her journeys have inspired her to grow spiritually and create designs so unique and fresh you’ll be amazed by its beauty.

Buffalo Horn Feather

This is a Buffalo horn gemstone inspired neckpiece. The gemstone has the properties of making your mind calm and keeps you away from destructive thoughts or negative feelings. These beautiful feather necklaces are available in 4 different sizes and 3 different materials. Every feather is unique as it is hand carved

Handcrafted Pegasus earrings

The immortal winged horse is a symbol of highflying imagination. Pegasus’s are wild and free, a breathtaking beauty, the meaning of the Pegasus represents attaining ultimate freedom, with no boundaries of time and space. These earrings are hand carved from buffalo bone.

These are only a couple of the beautiful designs made in this beautiful enchanted forest. Find more of these beautiful accessories on- Facebook, Etsy or Instagram 

Crispino Santamaria

A passionate and curious artist inspired by thoughts and imagination challenging the sterotypical limitations of society. On a mission to help the community by creating a platform that uplisfts and promotes passion and art.

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