The new Kid on the block – Phenomenal

A rising star born through the underground music scene in Melbourne, Phenomenal was introduced to the rave culture at an early age. Observing and learning from his friends who played behind the decks, this legend learned to create his unique blend of music. His elevating music combined with powerful sets are designed to take you on a journey through outer space. 

Phenomenal! Where does the inspiration come from? 

The name Phenomenal is inspired by the psy-trance genre itself. It sums up his love for the art. Dillon finds psy-trance to be more than just music, in his words..

I am continuously blown away by the way these sounds interact with our mind, soul and body to create an orgasmic out of body experience, feeling yourself rise up into space. 

For him, psy-trance is a musical remedy. His love for creating music has seen him take up music production from one of the most reputed institutes in the country, SAE, where he hopes to expand his knowledge on music to expand his creative mind.

Taking his cue from the sounds of Nano records, Sacred Technology and Mainstage records Dillon produces his own by sharing feedback with friends who help each other create music. Not limited to psy-trance, this artist also seeks inspiration from the techno, dub-step and hip-hop genres. He credits his mum as his driving force, who loves psy-trance as much as he does. Phenomenal described his all-time favourite track as one that makes him want to jump up and scream his heart out with excitement, and we can understand why. El Toro produced by Harmonika and Terra is a masterclass that brings in some killer vibes to the raving dance-floor.

When asked about his most prized creation, he responded with,

“My favorite piece of music right now that I have created is my entry to Lyktum’s remix contest. The track is about that plants are able to communicate with us. I worked with Lyktums mind blowing elements and reformed the song into my style. I aimed to create glitchy robotic bending fills with my snappy crunching leads mixing in with the sharp one shots that shoot through each element to create a powerful mixdown including the driving kick and bass that slowly builds up tension through out the track.”

Early Beats

This artist began to disrupt the music culture and became a talked about artist in a short period of time. He began by playing at underground warehouse parties and got his recognition from private bush parties, where he controlled small crowds of 200-300 people.

In 2016, Dillon released his first track on Soundcloud under his then-stage name ‘Kodiak’. Amazed by the response to his track, he decided to change his stage name to one that meant something to him and his love for psy-trance. Excited about working on three new tracks Phenomenal is geared up about collaborating with artists and using their expertise to explore different sides of the spectrum.

Hoping to travel the world and play at music festivals world-wide Phenomenal’s dream is to play at the grandest stages at Boom and Ozora

Scoring Gigs

This artist has had a meteoric rise to the top and at a very young age. We cought up with the man himself to gain an insight on how upcoming artists should promote themselves to gain an edge over others.

Phenomenal shares a few tips for Dj’s/ producers on how to market themselves to get more Club Gigs.

At just 19, this young Progression sessions legend is well set to burn down the dance-floor for years to come. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Soundcloud so you won’t miss a beat.

New release – Unexplored dimension 

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