Who the F*ck is EEEMUS…??

Shane Johnstone is redefining the electronic music culture in Melbourne through his unique blend of music. Otherwise known as EEMUS, he is one of the most promising upcoming artists from Melbourne. With significant releases this legend is famous for dropping bombs on the dance-floor.

EEEMUS was introduced to electronic music by his brother Seedy Jazz and, captivated by hard trance and techno, the artist decided the career path he wanted for himself. Taking inspiration from all genres of music the artist has developed his own style quite unique to others.

Aussie Vibez interviewed him for an insight into EEMUS’ vibrant and striking persona, on-stage and off-stage.

AV: Congratulations on your success. As an upcoming artist, who inspires you to take your music to new heights?

E: My favourite artist is Eric Prydz. I think he is the best producer in the world. He makes music under so many different aliases and all of them are above every other producer in that genre. I also love the fact that he doesn’t just make one style of music and is open to making different things, which I do with my music.

AV: We love your music! Which one is your favourite?

E: My favourite track would have to be ‘Ripped to Shreds’. This would easily be the hardest and the most unique track I’ve ever made. This track is also my most successful track. I think ‘Cellar Door’ is another favourite, since I helped me express my emotions and feelings through the track.

Now, we know that you’re amazing behind the deck, but we are also interested in what you do out of it. What happens in real-life that inspires you?

When I’m not behind the decks or in the studio making music, I collect and restore old vintage Dragster Bicycles from the 70’s, watch movies, party and play with my dog. I’m also a warehouse manager for work.

AV: What has been your biggest achievement so far?

E: I would have to say that my biggest achievement would be playing my first international gig for ATOM festival 2018 in France this year. I’m also proud of collaborating with John 00 Fleming, which is pretty massive! That track is being released soon, so keep an eye out.

AV: What projects are you currently working on?

E: “I’m currently remixing Nanoplex, Gabriel Moares, James Munro and Perfect Stranger and have a few originals on the go as well.”

AV: What’s the next big goal for EEEMUS?

E: “My next goal is to play at Boom Festival in Portugal that I attended this year and has been my next goal to work towards. I think in two years’ time I will be in a good position to get a set there, Fingers Crossed!”

AV: That’s great! We’re sure that you have other things to look forward to, not just as EEMUS, but as Shane Johnstone. What are the top things on your bucket list?

E: I’d love to do music full time and travel the world with music. I would also love to dive with sharks. It’s a bit impossible, but time travel and going into space would be cool!

AV: Do you do private events?

E: “Yeah I do private events and bookings. Best place is to email me at eeemusmusic@hotmail.com

Following the artist for a couple of months now we are sure this is only the begining for Shane and wish him the best for his future endeavours. Be sure to follow this legend and check out his new and upcoming releases coming soon on – 

JOOF Recordings
Bassic Records
Dear Deer Records
Techgnosis Records

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