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Among the plethora of rising Australian artists thriving in the music scene, there is one special artist to look out for and Oh he is Gabulous! One of the first – if not the first – to use a unique fusion of sound he likes to call “Grime Trance”. Gabulous is not just an aspiring artist; By day, the innovative deck-master is an early childhood educator and by night, he takes the Melbourne clubs by storm of sound.

Who is this new artist and what is Grime trance all about?

AussieVibez interviewed the man himself to find out.

Gabulous! Can you tell us and the readers a little about yourself ? What led you to create this new music, and who would you say are your inspirations?

I got into making electronic music as a creative and emotional release. At the time I didn’t really start out with any plans or goals I just played around, experimented and tested the waters.

I looked up to my older cousins a lot and they were all making various types of music at the time I got started so I wanted to do it too. Early on I was inspired by the likes of Flume, XXYYXX and various experimental instrumental hip-hop, trip hop sort of things.

We’re so interested in what you do – we’ve heard so little about Grime Trance. Can you tell us a little about where it came from?

I discovered psy-trance and eventually started to take my music making in that direction. I wanted to incorporate a lot of my influences from half-time/breakbeat kind of music and make references to lots of films that I was always a fan of lots of mafia, gangster, action and crime films. With this combination, I ended up with quite a fusion of sound which I like to call ‘Grime Trance’.

You mentioned psy-trance. Are there any you’d like to recommend?

My all-time favorite psytrance tracks would have to be “Liquid Hook”. Every time I hear that iconic lead during a set, I completely lose it. It has spawned several amazing remixes (Zentura’s one was my original fav) and I think the idea of writing something that iconic drives me to keep creating.

What do you do when you’re not working behind the decks?  

Music is only a side-piece to my life right now, though and important one. I spend most of that time writing new music and then trying to stay up to date with this city’s various incredible music scenes. The rest of my life focuses on my work as an Early Childhood Educator and on trying to be a positive and actively engaged member of my community.

With all this going on, how have you developed your career in music?

Mostly, I’ve been lucky to have such great friends. I’m friends with a lot of great creators, artists, producers and promoters and they have given me loads of pointers for the studio as well as some sweet gigs and general encouragement. I’ve been lucky enough to play my original sound a couple of times for great crowds so I’m just hoping to get a few more in really.

What has been your favorite track so far?

Of my own work I think “In Charge” would have to be one of my best works. I had heaps of fun writing it and it was like everything just spilled out and came together so smoothly. Although I’m also really excited about some of the tracks I haven’t put out there yet.

What projects are you currently working on?

Making new tunes is like having an itch that needs to be scratched… which is, for me, very often. I’m still working on developing Grime Trance as it’s kind of own sub-genre of psy-trance. I’m trying to focus some of my time away from writing new things and instead promoting and hopefully playing what I already have. I suppose I’m just working on “getting out there”.

That’s great! Now that we’ve discussed your past and your present, it’s time to look to the future.Where do you see yourself in 25 years?

Hoping to have a cute and bad-ass family that listens to duggas and stomps around the kitchen. Now that’s goals!

Having heard this artist live, we can be sure that #GrimTrance is here to stay. We’ed describe grim trance as a powerful and driving genre of progressive music that would keep you bouncing, powered by foreign elements of enchanting sounds to keep you engaged. 

We have also added the Gabulous to our featured playlist for the month. Be sure to check out our Sound Cloud playlist. Dracarys is our pick of the week. 

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